“Kyra has helped facilitate my daughter’s love for music via the violin in a formal yet gentle and fun manner.  I first met Kyra through mutual friends and was immediately struck by her graceful presence and her strong-but-still spirit.  When my daughter turned 5, she began to study violin with Kyra using the Suzuki method.  Within 6 weeks of her first lesson, my daughter had her first recital and performed a short but inspiring piece of music to a full house.  Her first recital was a huge success and she has fallen in love with the violin thanks to Kyra’s teaching and guidance.  I witnessed the special relationship that Kyra shares with each and every student during the recital.  Her students ranged from young beginners to grown adults.  The level of passion and enjoyment was evident in each student’s performance, and each student left a positive impression on my critical ears that afternoon.  Kyra has a genuine gift for teaching and inspiring her students.  She has also been incredibly helpful with advice about violin rental, shared ways to save some money on violin accessories (i.e. using a $3 foam instead of a $35 chin rest), and demonstrated flexibility when the rare conflict in our lesson schedule arises.  I look forward to my daughter continuing to study with Kyra for years to come.”

~ Tony Velasco


“My daughter began taking violin lessons from Kyra three years ago.  She did not always love practicing but loved learning new songs and playing them for our family.  She is going to begin school at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders in the fall and is ecstatic about auditioning for the stellar orchestra, which requires 2 years of prior experience.  My son, who is now 6, also just began lessons with Kyra and loves it.  She is a wonderful instructor, with an impressive background; moreover, she has a calm spirit and gentle nature that provides the perfect environment for learning and building a passion for the instrument, which can provide a lifetime of joy.”

~ Leslie Hunsucker


“You could not ask for a better teacher than Kyra!  Simply the best!
I rented a violin from Blackerby Violin Shop and asked around from friends and also the shop for referrals for an instructor.  I intended to try lessons with 3 different teachers and then choose the best one I thought was the best fit.  I liked Kyra so much after the first lesson I never bothered meeting anyone else!
I have always wanted to learn to play the violin.  About six months ago I had my first lesson with Kyra.  She is an incredible teacher!   I cannot imagine the patience it takes to listen to new students first pick up an instrument for the first time and try to scratch out some notes!!!  Clearly she has oodles of patience!
She is encouraging and positive and makes it enjoyable every moment to learn something that is very technical and challenging.  She is attentive and helpful with getting the right fit for holding and placing the violin, including choosing the right chin rest.   She is warm and friendly and connects with you as a person, not just a teacher/student.  It is evident that she enjoys teaching and is very good at it.  I feel like she knows just what to do or say to help me improve and must have a rolodex of techniques and tips in the back of her mind that she accesses as needed!
Here’s something I find really helpful when I’m struggling to get something down- and I don’t know how she manages to do this, but I’m guessing with years of experience – is standing next to me she places her hand on the bow over mine and plays!  This is helpful to “feel” the correct pressure/ speed/ length for playing and lets you learn faster than just watching and learning.
I could go on and on about how wonderful Kyra is, but best to meet her and experience for yourself!”

~ Janelle Jentz


“Kyra is an amazing teacher who genuinely loves music and genuinely loves kids–and knows how to communicate with them.  It’s hard to get a sometimes restless 7-year-old boy to focus on a lesson, but she does it.”

~ Mike Hall


“Kyra has been an amazing, patient violin instructor for my teenaged daughter.  She is responsive and helpful as well!  Thoroughly positive experience!”

~ Kelly Pratt