Studio Policies


Tuition fees include:
~ A reserved lesson time slot in my studio
~ Assistance in purchasing an instrument
~ Phone consultations
Payment is to be made monthly, due in full at the first lesson of each month or no later than the 7th of the month if mailed to my home studio.  If you will not be at the first lesson of the month, please mail payment to my home studio address by the 7th of the month.
Late Fees
Payments that are not received at the first lesson of the month or are mailed later than the 7th of the month will be subject to a late charge of $15.00.
Tuition Rates
Tuition is a consistent flat rate that remains the same regardless of the number of weeks or holidays in a month and whether or not you will be able to attend every lesson.  The flat rate is equal to four weeks of lessons, so during months that have five weeks you will receive one free lesson.  The months that have five weeks will balance out the possible months that only have three weeks.  Possible three week months are: March (Spring Break), November (Thanksgiving) and December (Holiday Break). 
Lessons take place at Blackerby Violin Shop ~ 1111 W. Anderson Ln. Austin 78757
Lesson Rates
30 Minute Lessons: $120.00 / Month
45 Minute Lessons: $180.00 / Month
60 Minute Lessons: $240.00 / Month
Lesson Length Recommendations
Book 1 ~ Book 2: 30 Minute Lessons
Book 3 ~ Book 4: 45 Minute Lessons
Book 5 & Above: 60 Minute Lessons
Refunds and Make-Up Lessons
There are no refunds or credits given for missed or canceled lessons. However, each student is allowed 1 makeup lesson (not a credit or a refund) per month.  All other missed or canceled lessons will not be made up or refunded.  Lesson cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of your lesson to receive a makeup lesson.  The makeup lesson must be scheduled during the month it is missed otherwise it will not be made up.  Makeup lessons will either be scheduled during an available weekday lesson time slot if our schedules coordinate, otherwise all makeup lessons will be held on the fourth or fifth Saturday of every month.  If you cannot fit a makeup lesson into your schedule you will not be refunded or credited for that canceled lesson.  It is your responsibility to contact me to schedule the makeup lesson.  If you need to cancel a lesson, please let me know either via email or cell phone as soon as possible so that another student needing a makeup lesson might be able to come during your lesson time
Students that tend to miss lessons frequently or are late with payments may be asked to leave the studio.
If I miss a lesson for any reason I will make up that lesson at your convenience, or it will be credited to the following month’s tuition.
Summer Studio Policies
Continuing lessons throughout the summer months is highly recommended, they not only help students to maintain momentum, but also allow them to progress faster due to more available practice time.  During the summer months of June, July and August tuition is more flexible.  Tuition switches from a flat rate to a per lesson rate so that students will not have to pay for weeks where they will be gone do to a vacation or camp.  However, in order to keep your reserved time slot for the Fall, students are required to attend and/or pay for a minimum of eight lessons during the summer.  If you choose not to pay for the required eight lessons you will loose your reserved lesson time slot in the Fall.
 Lesson Rates
30 Minute Lessons: $30.00
45 Minute Lessons: $45.00
60 Minute Lessons: $60.00
Student and Parent Responsibilities
~ The instrument must be maintained in good repair at all times.
~ Parents must attend lessons for children under the age of ten.
~ Please bring your lesson binder for lesson notes, all music books and foot charts where applicable to every lesson.
~ Siblings are welcome to attend lessons only if they can sit quietly and will not be a distraction to the student, parent or myself.
~Please do not bring food or drink into the studio.
Practice Guidelines
In order for students to be successful, it is necessary for practice to be a regular part of your weekly schedule.  The following is a guideline for achieving successful results for you and your child.
Practice is to occur five to six days a week:
Twinklers: Preferably two short sessions per day lasting 10-15 minutes each.
Book 1: A minimum of 30 minutes per day.
Books 2 ~ 3: A minimum of 45 minutes per day.
Books 4 ~ 5: A minimum of 60 minutes per day.
Books 6 ~ 7: A minimum of 90 minutes per day.
Books 8 and above: A minimum of 2 hours per day.
Listening to your CD
Listening to your Suzuki CD must take place everyday.  It is important to spend some of your listening time focused on the current or upcoming song you are or will be working on. The rest of your listening time can be more relaxed with the CD on in the background while you are in the car, eating dinner or doing homework.  It is also very beneficial for students to listen to other classical recordings you might have in your music library.
Live Musical Concerts
Attending as many live musical concerts as possible is highly recommended.  These experiences are extremely motivating for children to see and hear, please refer to my links page for recommended concert venues.
Studio Recitals
Recitals take place twice a year during the winter and spring months. Although not required, I highly encourage all of my students no matter what their age or level to participate.  All recitals take place in the recital hall at Blackerby Violin Shop.